Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Having a few face painting tricks up your sleeves when Halloween comes around is invaluable especially when making your child really shine (and scare) when they go Trick-or-treating! You don't have to be an expert to face paint nor any fancy designs made especially for Halloween. In fact, nearly all the designs children seek out for Halloween are also favourites during other times of the year. So learn a few of these following designs and you'll be set!It wouldn't be Halloween if you didn't have at least one child dressed as a pumpkin and this design is both fun and scary. Only uses three colours (orange, black and brown) and just take care to keep face paints out of your child's eyes.

Every little girl wants to be a princess and this design is easy and flexible and can be done all year round. Change the colours to fit your child's dress and you can add glitter and stick on jewels to make the design really come to life.
This mummy design is truly terrifying and is loved by older boys. With a red under layer, white bandages highlighted with black criss cross across the face to appear slightly unraveled. Definitely ghouly.

This Indian design for a girl or boy looks fantastic and means you don't have to worry about attaching some sort of head band with feathers to your child's head. You can use any colour you want and any patterns so go wild!

This ghost design can be used for a boy or girl and is simple to do. Have a white base and then round the eyes and mouth use black and you can be creative as you want. You can add little spiders or cobwebs but overall this face painting design is so easy to do.

This bat design is so easy you could do it in your sleep. It only uses two paint colours, black for the bat and white to highlight its eyes and teeth, and is also great because it doesn't cover the child's lips meaning they're not eating their face paint whilst they scoff down their candy. Try and make the bat wings even but it doesn't have to be perfect and it's really easy to do over.

This design for a cowboy costume is again super easy with just a bushy mustache and eyebrows in brown or black paint. You could also do whiskers instead of a mustache and the hat is a must especially if it has a big gold star on it!

If you're searching for even more designs or want advise on paints to use. Check out my blog here.

Happy face painting and TRICK-OR-TREAT!